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This site has instructions for ordering Platronics 355 headsets from AIR.
The primary purpose of this page is to communicate to educators, parents and students the implementation of the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21). It also provides direct links to related web sites and documents.

The ELPA Screener Directions for Administration contains all necessary information to administer the ELPA Screener, including specific procedures and setup details, directions for the TA, and a script with directions for TAs to follow.  It is not necessary to consult both this document and the Test Administration Manual in order to administer the ELPA Screener.

This document assists schools and school system personnel with the immediate scoring of the first operational Speaking task on the ELPA Screener. During the administration of the screener, the secure task is required to be immediately scored by all TAs.
ELPA Summative Student Technology Skills Checklist /core/fileparse.php/2718/urlt/ELPA-Summative-Student-Technology-Skills-Checklist.pdf
This document assists schools and school system personnel with assessing the technology skill level of students taking the ELPA Summative test.